Technology over the past 10 years has seen some huge breakthroughs and these are set to increase over the coming years.

  1. How will the increasing dramatic improvements in communication methods and systems change the way you work and interact with your customers, suppliers and field staff.
  2. Consider all the areas that the new technology has an impact on, for example in the home, factory, office, warehouse, retail check out and even the hospital with their huge new computerised system.
  3. What will the effect of improvements in information handling within your business? What will the impact be on the jobs people do, will they need training? This again could affect your budgets.
  4. How can the dramatic improvements in technology impact on your design and control systems and what added advantage will they have on your business?
  5. How will the use of the social network media such as Twitter and Facebook have on your business? They can improve but also destroy in the matter of hours by sending out messages that are detrimental to your business.

All in all there are so many areas to consider. It does sound quite daunting but you must consider what areas are prime concern to you. Therefore please evaluate the major external influences on your industry and business and then the main implications for the following:-

  1. Your customers and hence your products and services
  2. The technology you use and the way you will work

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