The way to create a response for your product or service is to appeal to the ‘vanity’ or the needs of your potential customer.

Do they want to impress their neighbours or get relief for their sore feet? Do they need to create an impressive sales document or require some initiative marketing material?

Your impact depends on reaching the people who have a need, or in fact who you think may realise they have a need, if you convey the right message.

If you are a large company with a household name and a good reputation then attracting your audience may be easy. However if you are a new or growing business you will require a well designed message and method for prompting reaction on the part of your potential customers.

You have to really consider why should they stop, as they skim the pages of say a magazine, to look at your advertisement. If you are contacting customers direct to present your product or services you will have to ensure that you can get them interested and you may only have a small amount of time to achieve this.

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