Over the past ten years how to attract customers has changed in quite a big way. The traditional forms of advertising have been enhanced by social networking.

A product or business can be made or destroyed with the wink of an eye with good or bad news.

Again analysis of your market must come into play, for example if you have a product you may wish to consider..

  • What newspapers, magazines and journals do your potential customers read – I am always being bombarded with questionnaires from companies offering a free gift if I tell them where I shop or what I read!
  • What shopping areas do they frequent?
  • What exhibitions or conferences?
  • What Radio or TV do they listen or watch?
  • What Social Networking sites do they use?

So once you have analysis you might wish to consider:-

  • Paid advertising – newspapers, magazines, journals, radio, TV, Google Advertising, SEO
  • Press releases,sometimes alongside paid advertising
  • Telephone or Trade Directories – however this is becoming more online
  • Email Campaigns and Mail shots – however both have their disadvantages
  • Telephone Sales Calls – becoming harder with the new TPS restrictions
  • Displays – for example shop or exhibitions
  • Sales promotions
  • Personal Contact – Networking, WOM, Recommendation

Whichever route you decide, you need to build into your plan a way to evaluate the effectiveness, for example by coding your advertisement, reply addresses, specific telephone numbers.

However whatever money you spend you should ALWAYS ensure that you have a good understanding on what the return on this investment has been.

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