Legwork, with accounting and financial management experience, would be able to identify the important figures you require and implement the software or web based solutions and reporting functions to give you the right products in a cost effective and affordable manner.

Moving forward with your business you need to know what your current position is. Most small business owners operate on a whim and think they know what sales, costs and profits are, but again it is a guess. By using a simple or possibly professional sales forecasting systems should help avoid any nasty surprises.

Accounting is important to be done on a continual basis as information has to be provided to the Inland Revenue on a regular basis. By monitoring your business carefully you will avoid getting to the end of your financial year only to find you have made profit which you could have utilised in the business rather than paying excessive tax charges.

Nowadays there are simple accounting packages that are very easy to use and if you are able to input the right information, you can get up to date sales figures, cash flow position and also profit and loss position which is at worst only a month old.

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