For anyone running their own business, cash-flow is always difficult especially when you are starting off and therefore the business owner tries to do a lot of the tasks him/herself. Tasks such as contacting sales leads, designing websites, marketing materials and campaign leaflets, bookkeeping and so on are all carried out by one or two people and this  can actually dig into your profit.

You will actually be wasting money rather than saving money. Why?

The business owner has to identify clearly where his/her areas of strength and areas of weaknesses. The focus has to be on the area of strength as this would generate the highest rewards and take the business forward. The other tasks that are necessary but which you are not very good at or is taking up a lot of your time has to be out-sourced. And this need not be expensive in this day and age.

If you really want your business to grow, then from the very beginning you need to build a strong team around you and not try to do everything yourself.

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