You are sitting there with this great new idea for a business. So my question is where do you start?

First thing to do is review the process of planning and the elements of a business plan, and plan a programme of work.

There are so many elements to consider before embarking on a new venture. Many people just rush into a business without actually reviewing, what will be required, not just immediately but in the future. (Yes I have the T Shirt- been there and found out the hard way!!)

Things that appear straight forward often turn into nightmares if the proper planning is not in place.

We will be reviewing over the coming period the top ten areas to consider.

We start with:-

Plan the Plan – decisions about this will allow you to consider what will be involved, how much detail you need and how the plan should be put together and presented. Consider the people who you will need to help you in putting the document together and enlist their support and most importantly initially DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS.

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