The objective of this is to decide exactly to reach your customers, maintain intelligence about the market place, secure and generate revenue.

Successful marketing and sales depends on knowing exactly who your customers are, from previous analysis and how to reach and influence them.

Basically you have to :-

  • Attract Customers
  • Evoke a Response
  • Create a Desire
  • Secure a sale or order

Dependant on your business it may be a requirement to reach a large number of potential customers. As you move through the sales process the number of potential customers will diminish.

My personal experience, while working for a large marketing company, was the fact that I started and always maintained a database of 200 potential customers. Each week I would go through this database and within the process clear out all the dead wood.

By ensuring that customers were contacted until there was no further opportunity actually ensured that I was able to secure over 60 appointments with blue chip companies in six months. Often I didn’t actually talk about selling but just general conversation and when the time came for the opportunity I was there.

I hear people say that I have been in contact with companies once or twice to no avail – however the longest appointment  took 54 phone calls! – yes most people would have given up – that is why I was successful. Don’t pester people and always put yourself in their shoes, and make sure they are willing to take the call. How many times do sales people start talking to you while you are perhaps in a meeting or working on a project, what happens, yes you get annoyed and even if you need the product you say NO.

Companies are also getting aggravated by the overseas call centres, so having a local speaking individual, and this applies to the whole globe, helps with the initial contact.

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