What hardware and management systems will you require to run your business?

Technology is advancing at a great rate and it may be necessary to ensure that you are up to date with these. You may need to employ an internal or external expert to assist in these areas.

Will you require computer systems, databases, spreadsheets, financial management software?

How will you choose these systems? Who will use them? Who will interpret the data generated?

What do you need to know about information storage and retrieval?

In my businesses backups are taken daily by a company off site – recently the systems crashed and without this in place we would have experienced a complete and utter disaster. The restore was put into place and within a few hours we were back to normal.

I am sure we are all aware that computers are temperamental individuals and decide to do strange things just at the most inappropriate moment.

I have been talking to businesses who don’t even take an internal backup daily. There is no excuse for this as there are plenty of inexpensive external hard drives available.

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