We have been through some over the areas that you should review when starting your business.

You have now to decide whether to employ external or internal staff. Or would it be preferable to train existing staff?

If you wish to recruit for any of the skills required, you will need firstly to outline a job specification to see how the time of this individual will be spent and the contribution he or she will make to the business.

This will also be required for the recruitment process.

You will need to research the market to find out what you will need to pay in remuneration and recruitment costs. In today’s economic climate there could be a glut of candidates but this will not always be the case and it could be quite a while before the right individual is found.

However you have decided that it may be better to train existing staff. In my view it would be correct to initially offer them the job specification to ensure they are aware of what will be expected of them. Experience again has shown that companies train up staff, because they have been there the longest, only to find they are not willing to complete the job in hand.

Companies are hopefully now moving away from this practice. I have experience where this has proved disastrous for the business. Because someone is a great mechanic doesn’t necessarily mean he or she would be a good manager.

If you decide to employ an external company try and see if you can get some personal recommendations, it is always better than from various other avenues.

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