Social pressures can affect and influence your business in several ways such as the availability and cost of staff, the way you deal with them and their spending habits.

  1. Do people expect to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives? What impact does this have on company communications, negotiations, and possible management structures. Gone are the days when people went to work, did their days work and went home without expecting any involvement of the running of the organisation.
  2. People have become to expect an improving quality of life, at home, work and in the general environment. How will you take this into account?
  3. How will the changing family patterns influence your business? We are seeing more divorces and one parent families emerge, together with husband and wives both wishing to work to ensure a certain standard of living.
  4. Part time working, short term contracts and sub contracts,  is your business able to work with these requirements? We are seeing far more people working from home with the instant access of the internet.
  5. People have historically been difficult to move geographically however this is becoming more of a requirement to ensure the employment of the right person for the position. How will this effect on budgets if you have to pay for relocation?

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