It is very hard for you to look at every single element that may affect your business but in the next few articles I will review areas to consider.

We will start with Political Pressures

  1.  What are the current government thoughts on business? Is it on being competitive, getting results, cutting costs, removing barriers to innovation and growth? Are they helping business start ups and assisting with business growth?
  2. What will the impact of health and safety legislation, environmental and consumer protection?
  3. What effect do you expect in the areas of legislation related pensions, transport, fuel prices etc?.
  4. What about employment legislation? Industrial relations are they in the favour of employees or employers. Does that have an impact on closed shops and restrictive practices?
  5. What is the current policy on training for employment, for young people and adults? Changes in the pension system will affect business in a big way in 2012/13
  6. How do the pressures for equal opportunities and discrimination evolve?
  7. What effect will the influence of European Community have on your business?
  8. What if any government departments are particularly relevant to your business?

Next Article – Business Planning –Areas of Change – Economic  Pressures 

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