Whenever I have had important choices in my life about what work I would like to do and where to do it, I have really had to think hard about what it is I really wanted to experience. I think actually most of us do.

Generally in my opinion there are a few things we really want to know- these are:-

  • Am I clear about what is expected of me?
  • Is my contribution noticed?
  • Am I helped to see how I can improve?
  • Does what I do make a difference?
  • Is this a place where I can learn?
  • Is this a place open to my influence and ideas?
  • Can I trust these people here?
  • Does coming here add richness to my life?

As managers of businesses, our job should be to release the intrinsic motivation in our people by making sure they experience these, or whatever it is they want from themselves.

This actually might seem obvious but in fact in many organisations this doesn’t happen.

Studies over the years have proved that over two thirds of staff feel undervalued, not involved and lack confidence in their organisation and leaders.

So maybe it is time to take a long hard look at what your organisation offer YOUR staff.

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