21st April 2020

I thought it would be good to tell you my thoughts on this lockdown after experiencing the virus first hand – I personally think it is having the reverse affect of what we think is having – due to “Clumping” ( clumping together of families ,care home patients etc )

My 91 year old father died on the 3rd April with the virus, however he had been in hospital since the 15th February. During the 7 weeks he had been in 3 different hospitals ( in fact I have complained officially about what happened to him ) he had  6 lots of antibiotics when finally on the 23rd March he was tested for C19 at Kettering General Hospital as Wellingborough Rehab Hospital wouldn’t have him back, for the 3rd time, until he had been and yes he was positive. If they hadn’t of insisted he would have been returned again with the virus!!!

My 90 year old mother came down with the same symptoms as Dad on the 18th February but she recovered in 2 weeks after being very, very poorly, back to full health in 3 with only over the counter medication.

From day one when dad went into hospital he was coughing his heart up and on oxygen and was really, really poorly but he couldn’t walk so I think it stuck to his lungs –he kept saying to me I am making so much noise they will throw me out ! Mum was the same but being mobile I think helped.

However up to 17th March, my mother, children,  grandchildren and my brothers children, together with  his sister and her husband, and his niece and husband had visited him, together with myself at least 14 occasions. However apart from a couple, who may had mild symptoms, everyone else has been fine. He had also been across many, many health care workers.

When he was finally officially diagnosed (23rd March) there were only 26 cases out of Northants population of 757K

The sad thing is he didn’t see any of us for three weeks and I think it took his brain, they queried his mental capacity around March 11th as the mental test they did was poor, completely different to the one they did at home in January. He finally gave up talking, eating and drinking and he died alone, in my view, maybe thinking we had abandoned him . Dad was a strong Ex Police Inspector so I think that is why he fought so hard for so long.

The fact that I think this lock down is working in reverse – I spoke to the undertaker , who is organising Dad’s cremation and she said that November and December were extremely busy with Pneumonia and flu cases ( heard of many people ill at that time ) but she said since the New Year even up to Monday 6th  it was business as usual for this time of year …then Wednesday (8th) it just went mad. Doesn’t it seem strange we were in the 3rd week of lockdown. My thought is this is because everyone is shut in together passing it from one to another. Imagine someone gets it mild and normally wouldn’t come in to close proximity to others members of the family, then in lock down one passes to another and so on an so forth, so one case becomes 4 ..hence the rise in numbers !

I think my dad and my mum ( who by the way got it 4 days after dad ) most probably got if from my brother who with his children flew from Milan for her 90th Birthday Party – they got delayed in the UK in Mum and Dads apartment, due to the terrible windy conditions which grounded airlines , in a confined space around Mum and Dad for 7 days ! Makes you wonder

Maybe it doesn’t pass from person to person in the street just those in closed quarters – London and the big cities are very bad but people do live on top of each other, as do Italy, Spain and France and whose numbers rose dramatically after lockdown !

It will be interesting to see once this is over what the statistics are across the board

I suppose I shouldn’t be so concerned, as I am not for my health as I have been exposed to it for weeks, but I truly am for all those who will lose their lives from suicides, business failures, lack of money, mental and physical abuse.

Also the  government were just getting things sorted then this devastation occurs. Our children will be paying for this for many years to come