In 2003,  while working for a Global company,  I was tasked with arranging 6 appointments with Blue Chip companies in six months ……I achieved 60 in that period …and was promptly made redundant!!  Amazing, as two of the companies core disciplines were Staff Satisfaction and Reward & Recognition!

Out of the ashes came Legwork Marketing Services Ltd which commenced trading during the middle of the same year.

Previously I had worked in both small and large enterprises. One was with my husband running a small business with ten staff through the tough times of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I initially worked on my own at Legwork in various companies filling in the gaps where required.

Over the years more and more team members joined me, until in 2010 the big C hit the family and unfortunately the business had to be put under wraps for a while.

My business experience covers smaller entities such at torc2 Ltd, Baca Workwear, through to  Volkswagen, Australian Mutual Bank, IBM, SEC Electrical, N Power, Superdrug, and Bibby Distribution just to mention a few.

Latest skills learned over the past ten years …. website design and development. To date have only produced sites for in-house purposes.

However I have thirty years working in various disciplines and has resulted in :-

  • Good people management and motivation skills.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Ability to translate concepts into actions.
  • Experience of working with blue chip, large and small organisations.
  • Project management – organisation, implementation & cost management.
  • Financial – ability to produce management and financial accounting information.
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Web developer,content creator and implementer.
  • Business Development.
  • Computer skills – MS Office 365 , Pegasus, Access Accounting, CIS, Act! Database, Sage, Fuse Matrix to mention a few

During this time I have built up a network of companies who I can trust to work under the Legwork banner as and when they are required.

Therefore Legwork is back …….

I am a great believer many companies sticky plaster over and never get to the real issue.

That is where we are different, we review the situation and through research, find the core, which is often complex and intricate, and then offer a solution.

……………….And always monitor and measure the success and ensure the client receives a return on their investment.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kathryn Whatton